she is hell in high heels

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We all go a little crazy sometimes.
Teen Wolf AU → After Allison’s death, Lydia goes a little insane.

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wow it’s been two weeks and i have one hundred of u lil babies this is super hella and i swear to GOD that graphic took eight hundred years for something that’s gonna take five seconds

but hey!!! wow!!!!!!!! i’ve had cora (as a whole, if you count the on and off accounts) for approximately a year now and lemme tell u— it’s been interesting in both the good and bad ways. i’ve met A+ people, some not-so-A+ people, and have built relationships that i probs would not have built otherwise.

here’s the key okay thanks:

          ☾ bold and italicized means you’re super rad and ilu lots
               and we are ooc soul mates
          ☾italicized means you’re still super rad but i stalk from afar
              and i really wanna interact w/ u or s/t
          ☾this means you’re a cupcake and we probably don’t know
              one another but you’re still a cupcake

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@screamingbeauty tweeted: 

cat called mid-vlog? not today, sweetheart. 

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i’m not sure how i managed to get 100+ followers in like, two weeks, but i’m hella grateful. you guys are freaKIN’ amazing, talented writers and i am still in AWE that you guys want to interact with my cora. ily all so much!!!!!

   ☾ bold: perfect angels who i ADOREEE seeing on my dash.
   ☾ italic: perfect angels who i stalk. 
   ☾ normal: perfect ppl, period.

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i know i probably forgot people because i’m trash but WOW. u all are amazing. you can always check out my blogroll for all the other perfect i follow. (◡‿◡✿) 

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did a thing and brought her back, yo

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i want my innocence back.

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PLL Rewatch - 1x20: Someone to Watch Over Me ~ Part 3

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Scydia AU - Lydia is a famous youtuber who finally introduces her boyfriend, Scott, to her fans. 

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